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1. 小学英文中国故事大全

Io was the daughter of a rivergod. She was loved,run after and won by Zeus.


  Hera became so green eyed that she flew down from Olympus one day to pay her rival back .Zeus,however,had foreseen her arrival and changed Io into a beautiful white little cow. Seeing through the trick,Hera asked for the cow as a present and Zeus had to give in to her wish .Then she left the cow to the care of a hundred eyed monster,Argus.


  Argus' eyes were ever open and no escape was possible. Unable to bear to see her so unhappy,Zeus sent Hermes down to destroy the monster. Dressed up as a shepherd,Hermes lulled Argus to sleep with his sweet songs and long stories,then killed him and set Io free.


  But Hera's anger was not to be calmed down yet. She sent a gadfly to attack the cow and drive her from land to land. In her misery the cow passed over the strait which divides Europe and Asia. In this way the strip of water got its name Bosporus ,the way of the cow.


  She wandered over the sea,which by chance got from her its name the Ionian Sea .In the end she arrived in Egypt where she was turned back into her natural form .She settled down and gave birth to a son,Some of her children remained in Egypt and ruled as kings for a longtime.


2. 小学生英语讲中国经典故事

以下是适合小学三年级比赛的一篇英语故事,时长约为3分钟。故事名为"The Ant and The Dove(蚂蚁与鸽子)":

One hot day, an ant was very thirsty. He was searching for water everywhere. At last, he reached a pond. The ant tried to drink water, but he was too small. He was afraid that he would fall into the water and drown.

Suddenly, an idea struck him. He climbed on to a tree and reached a branch. He saw a dove sitting on it. The ant asked the dove to help it. The dove was very kind, and he plucked a leaf and dropped it into the water. The ant climbed on to it and drank water.

Days passed, and the dove fell into a hunter’s net. The ant saw the dove’s plight and decided to help. He climbed to the hunter and bit him hard. The hunter was in pain, and he let the dove go.

The dove was very thankful to the ant for saving his life. From that day, they became good friends.

Moral: One good turn deserves another.


3. 用英语讲中国故事小学

Hua Mulan is a heroine who took the place of her father and joined the army, described in a famous Chinese poem known as the Ballad of Mulan. It is unknown whether the story has any factual basis. The poem was written during the Northern Wei dynasty,and first recorded in the Musical Records of Old and New from Southern and Northern Dynasties.

According the description of the Ballad of Mulan, the khan of Northern dynasty ordered to recruit for the army to ward off incursions by the Rouran nomads. Her father need to perform obligation.

Howere,her father is so old that he could not bear suffering from the bitterness, and she hasn’t an elder brother to go and fight. So Mulan decided to disguised herself into a man to join the army instead of her father.

Many years later, the battle was over. In view of her military exploit , the Khan of Northern dynasty offered Mulan a high official position, but she turned down the position to return to her family. She made up herself after coming back home. When her former comrades visited her at home, they were shocked to see her dressed as a woman.

Hua Mulan has been highly respected as a filial daughter by the Chinese people for hundreds of years, even though her story might be no more than a legend. In 1998, her story was adapted for an animated cartoon in a Disney amusement center in the United States, to the acclaim of all over the world.

4. 小学英语中国故事演讲

“More than a hundred years ago, the salvoes of the October Revolution brought Marxism-Leninism to China. In the scientific truth of Marxism-Leninism, Chinese progressives saw a solution to China’s problems……”

5. 英语中国小故事带翻译






6. 小学生中国故事英语版


7. 英文版中国小故事

According to legend, in ancient times a yearappeared in the sky ten suns in the sky, straight smokeroasted earth, and the sea dry, people see cannot l ive.

This thing has alerted a hero named Hou Yi, hecl imbed the kunlun peak, the ful l power of operation,drew his bow, stretch shot down the nine extra SUNS.

HouYi set the power, andrespectedbypeople, manywho came to toushi. Treacherous cunning, sinisterpengmeng also mixed in.

Soon, Hou Yi married a beautiful and kind-heartedwife, cal led the goddess of the moon. Hou Yi exceptChuanyi hunting, the day and his wife together, peopleare envious of the loving couple.

One day, HouYi to theKunlunMountains and friendsfor chance, after which the queen mother, then to theobtained a pack of medicine. It is said that the doseof the drug, can immediately go to heaven.

However, Hou Yi reluctant to leave his wife, hadno choice but to the death of the drug to the goddess

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