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to individuals, historic moments cease to weigh heavily only in text books unless one experiences them. it is july 13, 2001,the unforgettable victory time for beijing being entitled to host the 2008's olympics, that is engraved on my memory as clearly and vividly as once it was happening, for i witnessed how a mile stone was erected.

though it was at the end of the semester and the time for returning to hometown, my classmates, who used to be busy packing luggage, remained tranquil this time, because they were as anxious as me, waiting for a moment due to be recorded in history.

'the candidates are giving statements on live show.' as soon as someone claimed so, all of us rushed out, shooting to the screen. and soon the small room with the precious tv was fully thronged.

'when will be beijing's turn?' i asked anxiously. 'it's said the right order is okada, toronto, istanbul, paris, and beijing luckily the last. each city is given 45 minutes to state and 15 to answer questions.'

so four hours, at least, as was estimated, had to elapse before the appearance of our countryman, but it couldn't make anyone to leave, who was unwilling to miss anything, including the

performance of our opponents.

'yu, there's a phone for you.' i struggled out of the crowd while grumbling the untimely call. it was my mum who asked me to go home early today.

hurriedly driving the cycle on the road home, i was bothered by uncertainty, after nothing the advantages of the other candidates, each of which could compel those who originally stood rigidly for beijing to have a second thought. while turning to the other hand, i believed the power released from over 1 billion hearts, full of eagerness, beating in the same rhythm,praying for a solitary desirous result, couldn't be ignored.

no sooner than i got down at home was the tv set turned on. now what i was left with was only waiting, which never assured you anything it might sometimes bring about unimaginable misery.

When I was young,my father who always taught me how to be a true mantold me that it is essential to be tolerant in your life whatever happens.


And that remains the most memorable gift he gave me.I think to be tolerant. I need to keep calm when great trouble lies in front of me.However difficult it is to overcome it; To be tolerant I need to resist the temptation of all kinds of the outside worldeven if it is so attractive; To be torlerant I need to pull myself in times of extreme sorrows and joys no matter how they affect me.


Tolerance is the most memorable gift I have ever received .


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